RaiseTouch 1.4.1 Release Notes – Pro2 Series and N Series Only


Release notes – Exclusively for the Pro2 Series and N Series
New requested features and debugging based on user feedback.

Download RaiseTouch 1.4.1



New Features


1. Added RaiseCloud on RaiseTouch

You can access RaiseCloud settings in “Setting > More settings > RaiseCloud

If you want to use RaiseCloud, please access: https://cloud.raise3d.com/raise3d.html.

If you do not bind your RaiseCloud account, the interactive data will not be created.


2. Added Settings for Camera Resolution and Frame Rate

You can access the camera settings by clicking the setting button in “Setting > Camera”.



You can access the resolution and frame rate settings in “Setting > Camera > Resolution Settings”.



Click the “Resolution” to select the resolution value.



Click the “Frame Rate” to set the frames per second (fps).

Note: The maximum frame rate should not exceed 10 fps to avoid interfering with other devices and negatively affecting the print quality of printers in the same network.



3. Added Raisepack Selection Interface

Insert a USB device, click “Setting > Restart”, and then the system will automatically detect and list the package(s), as shown in the following figure.



Select the appropriate package, and then click “Install” for installation, or click “More” to show more Raisepack(s), as shown in the following figure.



Click the option marked in red box in the following figure to roll back to the previous version(s) when needed.

Note: When restarting after a temporary power failure or local updates, the system will enter the Raisepack list field when detecting if the USB device contains the installation package(s).



4. Added Selecting File Sources Filter in Dashboard

Enter the dashboard on the “Print” tab and click the filter icon  at the upper right corner of the screen.



Select the file source(s) by clicking “Local”, “USB” or “Cloud” (the files can be multiply selected). Then click “OK”. The printer will filter the printing task records that were printed from the chosen file source(s). You can also input the tag and click “OK” to filter the file sources by tag at the same time.



5. Add Italian Language



6. Added Nozzles Heating Timeout Setting

In “Setting > Machine > More settings > Advanced settings“, added the option “Nozzle Heating Timeout Setting”.

After this function is enabled, if the nozzle temperature is higher than the “anti-burning temperature” and the duration is longer than the “Timeout time”, the nozzle will stop heating and begin cooling. This prevents filament carbonization in the nozzle (which causes jams).


7. Added “Lower the heat bed to a defined position after a print is paused”

In “Setting > Machine > More settings > Advanced Settings“, added the option “Lower the heat bed to a defined position after a print is paused” to avoid damaging the print model and to make it easier to load filament.


8. Added “Lower the heat bed after resuming from a power loss or pausing a print”

In “Setting > Machine > More settings > Advanced Settings“, added the option “Lower the heat bed after resuming from a power loss or pausing a print” to avoid damaging the print model.


9. Added “Clear Timelapse files”

In “Setting > More Settings > Reset“, added the option “Clear Timelapse files” to clear Timelapse files.





1. Improved the filament replacement process on the filament loading interface.


2. Fixed the calculation inaccuracies of the filament consumption.




1. Turned off the telnet service by default.


2. Exported RaiseCloud log files and Web API files while exporting serial port log files.


3. Checked the available free storage before installation updates.


4. Checked the available free storage before printing to ensure enough storage to save the Timelapse file.


5. Improved several interfaces.


6. Moved “Local Update” from “Setting > Other > Maintenance” to “Setting > Machine > Update”.


7. Improved Secure Password Input interface.

When Secure Setting is enabled (You can turn it off in “Setting > Machine > More Settings > Privacy and Security > Secure Settings”), you need to input the secure password before changing several important settings.



8. Added limitation on the GCode file size. A single GCode file cannot exceed 1GB to avoid a system crash caused by insufficient memory.


9. Added the display of the size of the local storage file in “Setting > More Settings > Reset > Clear Local Storage”.



10. Extracted the data file from the GCode file.

You must slice the files with ideaMaker3.3 or above to extract the data file.



Bugs Fixed

1. Removed the temperature and the number of settings of the Pro2 series in the PID setting.


2. Added the timeout alarm for the serial port reconnection.


3. Fixed the bug of the name display issue when unplugging a USB device after a temporary power failure and then insert it for resuming printing.


4. Fixed the display issues of some interfaces.


Download RaiseTouch 1.4.1